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Data estimates that by 2020, 65% of job offerings will require a college degree.  College graduates are averaging a salary double than that of their non-degree-holding counterparts. 


Getting that higher-level education is essential. But getting into, paying for, and graduating from college is also no easy task. It’s only made more difficult for gifted students.


Provide students with academic and life skills via online tutorials and computer networks

Sponsor and provide underprivileged scholars with financial support for postsecondary education;

Cultivate a relationship with scholar to provide mentoring and support throughout their college career


We encourage and invest in underprivileged youth, while establishing an affirmative support network that promotes academic success.


We work to make sure low income youth have the same opportunities for schooling in a non-traditional way. 


Above: Choice 2 Change Founder Maya Lynne Robinson, spending time and mentoring youth cast members of the hit CBS TV series, The Unicorn.


The application process is currently closed as we focus on our pilot program.

The full timeline is as follows:


Scholarship application opens

Early Application deadline

Application period closes

Application are reviewed by the scholarship committee 

Scholars are notified

Scholarships are awarded

The application process is closed until 2022. Please check back for dates.


  • Serve as a positive role model and constant source of support.

  • Keep weekly check-ins with the scholarship recipient for personal purposes, such as physical and emotional safety

  • Execute monthly check-ins to ensure that educational goals are being set up and maintained, such as asking questions and encouraging your mentee to think critically about what they are learning

  • Provide quarterly in-person support and guidance to the scholarship recipient

  • Assist your mentee in developing a vision and goals for the future.

  • Set and enforce clear behavior expectations for the scholarship recipients and ensure they are met.

  • Provide monthly report to Scholarship Committee

Our Scholars

Our scholars are from low-income families and typically are first-generation college students.

We prepare Scholars for college success through professional college advisement, personal counseling, college essay instruction, SAT preparation courses, application and testing fees, as well as emergency funds.

  • Essays: We work individually with Scholars to help develop their essays and tell their stories.

  • Fees: We pay all fees associated with applying for admission and financial aid, using fee-waivers wherever possible.

  • Financial Aid: We also help our Scholars access significant financial aid

  • Counseling: We intentionally target students from failing public schools who have difficult personal circumstances. We encourage them to believe they can succeed and provide ongoing support to ensure they graduate and lead fulfilling lives. During college, we stay very involved.

  • Emergency Funds: We are able to provide emergency support for Scholars and their families, in the form of utility-bill assistance and personal laptops for study.  

Contact Us

For more information on becoming a C2C mentor or volunteering, please use the contact form.


All other inquiries, please email:

info at choice2change dot org

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